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New Patients at Vermilion Chiropractic Center

When you call to book an appointment, Linda will ask some basic questions, obtain health care numbers, and extended medical information. She’ll also explain how to find our office and to allow 45 minutes for the first visit. Please bring any X-rays, records of previous care, or test results with you to allow Dr. Berry to have a complete picture of where you are health-wise.

When you arrive at our practice, you’ll receive a warm welcome. Come in and make yourself comfortable, knowing you’re in the right space to heal. Linda will provide you with our paperwork to complete before your consultation begins.

Patient being greeted at reception

The First Visit

Once the paperwork is done, Dr. Berry will bring you into the exam room and go through the history with you. We’ll discuss what brought you in and what your goals are from care. Next is a complete chiropractic exam to determine where the issues are and what might be causing them.

Once he has all the information, Dr. Berry will explain what he found, how it affects you, and what he could do to help. After he ensures you understand the options and choose to move forward, you’ll sign the consent forms and begin care at this time. You’ll also be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to check your progress.

Financial Responsibility

Our services are cash-based and payment is requested at the time of delivery. We use the Jane chiropractic software to bill most extended insurance directly as a convenience for our patients. Please check with us to see if your plan is eligible for this service.

Get Started Today

There’s no need to suffer in silence. Dr. Berry has seen thousands of people over the years and used his considerable skills to help them with their pain and physical limitations. He wants to do the same for you, so you can get back to enjoying life without pain. Contact our office today to get started. We’re here to help!

New Patients at Vermilion Chiropractic Center | (250) 293-6062